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Our Mission

OrVeganic is a lifestyle of eating I’ve had for over 23 years. Living around the world and studying the healthiest cultures, experimenting on myself with different eating theories, continually researching for the true optimal human species intended foods and I believe it is not as complicated as they want you to think it is.

Everything we need has been provided by our creator and grows on this planet (not in a laboratory) the huge challenge is getting it free from contamination, modification, poisons, pasteurized and/or over cooking and processing. This lifestyle is why I refer to OrVeganic as “Earth Based Live Frequency Food”

  • All Organic
  • No Laboratory Products
  • No trademarked chemicals which don’t have to be on labels
  • No Gluten Products
  • No Animal Products
  • No Processed Sugars
  • Raw and Low heat Preparation

You might ask why every eatery does not do this? Again the answer is simple… cost of goods and labor are massively different and don’t make sense for the normal restaurant business plan. Being in the food and beverage business over 40 years I realized that partnerships and franchising would not work with these high costs so I set up a business plan whereby I could stick to all my lifestyle requirements by creating other avenues of income to support the mission.

Orveganic was born!

We strive to keep our menu as close to the live integrity of its origin by only purchasing optimal quality ingrediants and serving them truly raw and/or low heat scratch prepared. To my knowledge living the majority of my life all around the world, I can confidently say no one does what we do.

Doing business as Orveganic for 10 years and personally having a lifestyle for over 23 years has been very rewarding as it has kept me from getting any type of illnesses, deceases, pneumonia, the yearly flu etc. No longer any worries of living a life filled with doctors, pills, vaccines and costly health insurance which unfortunately my family continually suffered with.

We at OrVeganic hope you can appreciate and get all the benefits from our passion, integrity, hard work and love for all living things regardless of any lifestyle and belief’s .

We put our Faith In our Creator and share with everyone possible….. Michael Dean

Earth Based Live Frequency Fuel

Our Reviews


Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 28, 2023

I am half way through my first time purchase of the fig nutbutter and this is the best nutbutter I’ve ever had.

Glad to meet you at the Orange Farmers Market.


Returned glad I did

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 28, 2023

I had gone to this restaurant prior to the COVID. I returned yesterday. I had the bean sweet potato chili and yummy drink of nuts, seeds and coconut. I went home with a couple of jars of goodies. Glad I went back and will go again.


Best place ever!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 28, 2023

Absolutely love this place. The food is amazing! If you are wanting to find a great vegan place, look no further. The service and environment is welcoming and on point. I would highly recommend checking this place out. Try the cinnamon chai latte. It’s devine! The soups and bowls are also delicious and filling. It’s my go to place in town. I just wish they were open on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I’ve adjusted, lol! I love that the quality of food is superb and it is cooked at low temperature. They are organic, gluten free and earth based live frequency fuel.

I typically order the Billy Jack Bowl, which comes with a variety of beans, topped with oaxacan salsa, jackfruit, guacamole,cabbage, crushed corn tortilla chips and drizzled with chardonnay cheddar cheese (vegan). It is absolutely amazing!

My second favorite item is the Oaxacan Jackfruit Tacos. We get the spicy burger tacos. I usually have to share this one because one taco is very filling since it is packed with lots of yummy items like, cabbage, jackfruit, vegan cheese, salsa and avocado. It’s also served with a side of fresh made chips. Yum, yum! 😉

Their super seed toast with raw nut butter and fruit jam is also delicious. It’s ALL good! Stop by and try it. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Vegan speakeasy

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 11, 2022

I was thinking 💭 where is this place under the freeway 🛣?

Then in a dead end street…

I had seen the pictures online so I held the faith… GOOD THING I DID !

The minute I walked in I felt Home and taken care of…

The Kombucha peach may be the best on tap kombucha I HAVE EVER HAD…!!!

As a kombucha devotee since the early 90’s this is saying something.

Also being allergic to onion and garlic and gluten-free and vegetarian 🌱 being able to find a delicious meal is not easy!


My needs were met!!

Even Ice cream that is dairy free with dark chocolate 🍫 and nut butter!!

I was in an hour of culinary heaven !

Please do not go here because I want it all to myself and I am going to tell all my patients about it !! Dr. Of Chinese Medicine approved!

Namaste 🙏

Katrina Lake

Love it Love it Love it

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 6, 2021