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Orveganic is a lifestyle of eating I’ve had for over 20 years. Living around the world, studying the healthiest culture, experimenting with different eating theories and continually researching science on what is the optimal species intended food.

It is not complicated as some would want you to believe. Everything we need grows on this planet and not in a labratory, the challenge is getting it free from contamination, modification, pasteurized and/or over cooked and processed. This lifestyle is why I refer to OrVeganic as “Organic, Gluten Free & Earth Based Live Frequency Fuel”.

Optimal species intended food for humans and animals with the same stomachs is a raw, animal free, grown in the wild and without chemicals or genetic modification . The 2nd best is neutral species intended food which is low heat prepared with the same guildlines.

You might ask why every eatery does not do this? Again the answer is simple… cost of goods and labor are massively different and don’t make sense for the normal restaurant business plan. Being in the business over 40 years I knew partnerships and franchising would not work. So I set out on a business plan whereby I could stick to all my lifestyle requirements by creating other avenues of income to support the mission. Orveganic was born!

We strive to keep our menu as close to the live integrity of its origin by only purchasing optimal quality ingrediants and serving them truly raw and/or low heat scratch prepared. To our knowledge living all around the world, I can confidently say no one does what we do.

We are an organic, earth based, gluten free, live frequency scratch kitchen company. We hope you appreciate and benefit from all our passion, love and hard work regardless of your current lifestyle.

Live Healthy and Happy….. Michael Dean

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